Digital innovation


  • Design and manage innovative IoT-AI solutions/services.


  • Support PMEs in defining digital roadmaps and strategies to improve competitiveness.


  • Organize and coordinate an R&D team to boost innovation and broaden your portfolio

  • Bootstrap of innovative programmes


Coaching and training










Technical areas

  • IoT-AI applications

  • Data management/analysis

  • Real-time monitoring and anomaly detection

  • Cloud computing

  • Scalable distributed systems

  • Algorithms​​



  • Water/energy management

  • Industry 4.0

  • Water and energy grids

  • Smart cities

  • Critical infrastructures

  • Environmental monitoring

  • Underwater monitoring 




An innovative startup that believes in the role of sensing technologies and advanced real-time data analysis for building sustainable cities.

Sense4Green offers cost-effective automatic real-time monitoring systems that improve the efficiency of water infrastructures by detecting/localizing anomalous events such as water leaks, supporting decisions and maintenance planning, and reducing water and energy consumption.


Exploring New Digital Frontiers

I am an interactive and motivational digital innovator with a broad range of technical and business experiences developed in the USA and Europe and a passion for creating innovative IoT and big data solutions.

I am always eager to tackle new challenges and explore business opportunities that emerging technologies bring to society.


       I have a successful track record in digital innovation, leadership, product management, as well as in technical achievements and recognition. I have developed this unique blend of business, entrepreneurial and scientific skills from working at competitive research centers such as MIT and Bell-Labs, R&D industry, European Commission, and in the community of innovative startups.


       With these experiences, I am able to play a leadership role in initiating innovative and interdisciplinary programmes, defining innovation roadmaps and strategies, and conceptualizing innovative products.



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